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Bicyclist Safety and Rights

March 06, 2018, 2018   By Rebeccah Graham

We handle a fair amount of bike accidents cases at our office. Some happen when a driver runs into a bike and some happen when the road is in poor condition, causing the cyclist to lose control of his or her bike.... Continue Reading

Car Maintenance Top Ten List

February 28, 2018, 2018   By Maxwell Graham Law

Maintaining a vehicle properly can help stop accidents from happening. Continue Reading

Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM)—Auto Insurance That Protects You

February 12, 2018, 2018   By Thomas Degan

Imagine you are stopped at stoplight on your way to work. Wham—you are struck from behind. Continue Reading

Personal Injury Protection - Cheap Insurance That Provides Peace Of Mind

February 07, 2018, 2018   By Thomas Degan

Auto insurance advertisements never provide consumers any detailed information on low cost insurance that provides real protection. If they did, they would be selling everyone Personal Injury Protection coverage. Continue Reading

What To Do After A "Minor" Fender-Bender

January 31, 2018, 2018   By Maxwell Graham Law

We are discussing a collision with minimal property damage when both vehicles are able to be driven from the scene of the collision even if they are not pretty, and someone sustained an injury. Continue Reading