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Maxwell Graham did a great job representing me. I couldn’t be more pleased. They kept me informed throughout my case, listened to me, and dug deep to reach a great result.

Mark H.   Motor Vehicle Collision

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Mr. Maxwell assisted us in a medical malpractice case and did a superb job. He kept in constant contact with us, and we received a settlement far beyond what we expected. The attorneys at Maxwell Graham kept our best interest at heart throughout the legal proceedings.

Steve Janoski   Car Accident Client

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My son and I were in car accident and the insurance company gave us a hard time. We were in treatment for a long time. Rebeccah gave us hope and peace of mind.

Azieb G.   Motor Vehicle Collision

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Mr. Maxwell took my case, when two other attorneys before him, felt litigation wouldn’t be “worth their effort”. In preparation of Mr. Maxwell accepting my case, he listened very closely to me, studied the evidence, and promptly arranged the paperwork for litigation. We settled the case, for a confidential amount, and I was very happy with the outcome of Mr. Maxwell’s determination in the pursuit of justice.

Leigh D.   Assault

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